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Default Re: Big Ludwig Tubs - finally some pictures

I found them at a local Mom & Pop drum store. This particular store is great and I try to give them as much support as possible. I walked in, saw them, and immediately fell in love. I couldn't bring myself to leave without putting down a deposit.

They are loud, and as you would expect, very deep sounding. Perfect for triplets! It took me some time to dial in the sound to where I like it, but it was worth the effort. The finish is slightly showing the years - there's some slight cracking here and there in the thermogloss, but to me that's like a patina and I wouldn't change a thing. More importantly, the edges are perfect and the shells are round. The Evans Level 360s fit all the toms perfectly. I might try some Remo clear CS heads in the future, but for now I think these heads will sound even better as they "age" a little more.
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