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Originally Posted by CCdrummer View Post
I would be curious to hear what the UK/Oz/NZ/EU people think about the idea of a tip jar for live music. I am wondering because on travel forums the tipping debate has shown that there can be quite a difference in cultural norms toward tipping depending on where you are from.

How about in Asia? I live in Taiwan, and Tipping IS a city here.... Jokes..

Seriously tho, the concept of leaving a tip of any kind doesn't exist here. Taxis, restaurants, bars, etc, no way. It just doesn't happen. And trust me, having traveled around the world, the service here is THE BEST in the world. Intuitively, that makes sense. Do your job properly, and you get paid. It also helps that workers get paid a living wage, but that's a whole other discussion...

Anyway, I've never seen a tip jar over here for any live music, and we've never brought up the idea. There are lots of buskers with a tip jar in front of them, but you have to be get a busking license to play in public.
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