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Default Re: I found another gem!!

Originally Posted by Redbeard View Post
Wow! I can't imagine finding a DW drum in any local pawn shop, much less an Edge (two!) for a stupid low price. I hate to think what they must've given the former owner for them.
It probably goes without saying, but don't forget to post pics after you remove that white paint.
I couldn't believe my when I saw the first one which was a DW Jazz Series snare in brand new looking condition. Imagine my surprise when I found the 2 edges, and then the Acoustic EQ!! The guy pawned them and had planned to get them back out (Which is what they told me), so he probably got about half what they sold for. That would make me sick to my stomach!

I'll definitely post pics when I get that white paint off.

Originally Posted by Emmaticus00 View Post
Dude, those pictures are the bomb-diggty-tay!
Thanks. I need to take some more and I will when I get the Acoustic EQ and the R30 home!

Originally Posted by shemp View Post
Please do not orphan the Starman R30!?!

....We have a wonderful home here where it can be around others of it's kind...we provide regular counseling and *LOTS* of activity. It will have it's own place here and will be treated with love and care!


yes, i'm an NP fan slighly
Don't worry... That R30 isn't gonna leave my snare collection!
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