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Default Re: Does Pearl Hardware still rock?

I never liked Pearl's hardware back in the 90's. It wasnt very attaractive to me, the gearless stuff wears out and it gives play in the stand, etc. The best hardware I have ever owned are Tama Titan Stilt stands from the 90's. I still own them and after 20 years they still work like brand new. The quick release levers for the tubes are something manufacturers need to bring back. Fastest and easiest way to make adjustments to your stands. I hate the wingnuts on regular stands.

I will say that Tama's hardware is total crap now compared to those Titan Stilt stands. Tamas top of the line stuff now barely holds a candle to their mid line stuff from back in the 90's. Its pretty sad.

I do have a Pearl S-1000 snare stand, H-2000 hi-hat stand, and Eliminator double pedals and for the last year and a half hey have been fine. I find the omniball adjuster on the snare stand tends to allow for a little bit of settlement/movement when you really lay in to the snare. A song with lots of rimshots will push the snare to a bit of a sideways angle making rimshots harder and harder to hit. A regular geared tilt adjustment would never allow for this. I find the hi-hat stand and eliminator pedals to be fantastic though.
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