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Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
I like the idea of a "request jar." Especially if you're playing with a band that's up for it, ability-wise and attitude-wise. Hype it up and make a schtick out of it. Call yourselves "The Requestors" and push the fact that tips/requests put the band on the spot, and it's kinda like a reality show in a way. Hot damn...that's a genius marketing move! Take it and run with it, and consider it my retribution for causing you to lose out on that Lenny Kravitz gig. :P
*slow clap*

I was just waiting for an op to use that, it's just a masterstroke of a forum chop. I really hate that you have ideas I like Phil.

Good idea tho, for those with the repertoire to back it up.

We're not that good where we could do that, field all requests. If we we could get by on song snippets....then we might be able to pull that off.
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