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Default The tip jar

So the former star bass player in my trio...she moved to Nashville and is doing quite well down there. She came up and we had her on a few gigs over the holidays. We got talking about the tip jar. She says it's a regular occurrence down South. Up here near Philadelphia, sometimes I see it, most times I don't. My typical gig pays $100.00 USD. I spend probably 1/5th of that in gas and tolls usually, and from the time I leave my house till the time I come home is at least 8 hours. Myself I think we should definitely put one out.

IYO, does it cheapen the bands vibe if a tip jar is out? I'm not sure. What do you guys think?

I think it's a good idea. If someone really is enjoying the band, what better way to express their appreciation right? I mean we get some really heartfelt comments. I think if there was a tip jar, these people would probably use it.
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