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Originally Posted by Togg
On his own stuff he is wonderful I love Genesis, however he did go through a somewhat large ego phase.

During Live Aid he was playing with Led Zep and he totally missed the whole style of the songs, Robert Plant was ******* annoyed, and claimed the whole thing was a Phil Collins pr stunt.

Again when he played with Queen at the Party at the palace a few years ago he played in his own style and changed how the song felt, and that was Radio Ga Ga!!!! pretty difficult to screw up wouldn't you say!

Don't get me wrong I love him in his own world but when it comes to playing with others he seems to miss the point and play what he wants.

Led Zep never forgave him for it, it wrecked Live Aid for them, and there were lots of heated comments after the show, or so the story goes.
i wasnt really satisfied with the live aid at kind of made me depressed to see my favorite band in that condition. Page's dexterity dropped dramatically and his riffs were really messy. Plant messed up on stairway.,...he came into the last verse too early which messed the band up. Then they had 2 drummers, one of which being phil collins which i agree...he messed up the whole set trying to add in his own stuff. Its a shame he did this. Plant should have invited jason bonham to fill in for his dad because it would have been much more fitting. Im watching stairway now from live aid and im wondering what is he doing....hes putting fills in, in the guitar solo which ruins it making its a big jumbled mess. And on the last verse it just pisses me off with those stupid fills.....and has anyone ever heard the When the levee breaks performance with neil young....the way the whole band arranged that song killed it too.....but im still hoping for a zeppelin reunion with jason bonham and not phil
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