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Default Big Ludwig Tubs - finally some pictures

Happy New Year! I finally got around to taking some pictures of my latest kit. It's a '84 Chicago era Thermogloss 6 ply maple kit. Sizes are 16x26, 13x14 (10 lug), 18x18, and 18x20. Pictured with the kit is a 6.5 Black Beauty. I'll admit, it took a little bit of tinkering with various tunings and different heads before I found the sound I wanted. These drums are thunderous and vibrate your internal organs! I ended up going with a clear PS3 on the kick batter and a Ludwig heavy gloss white reso on the kick (non-ported), and coated G2s over coated G1s on the toms. I'm very happy with the sound. Please note that I have clear G2s over clear G1s on the toms in the pictures.
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