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Default Re: Added toms to my Yamaha Live Custom oak set... Video

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Sorry, I missed this out of the gate Sarge :( Drums sounding really good - like REALLY good. I'm guessing you added a little meat on the EQ via the board, but you treated that sensitively, so all's good. I like your relaxed presentation too. Leaves enough space to hear the notes & appreciate what's going on :)

As for the negative thumbs down thing - ignore it. There's always people out there who prefer to "rate" something with a click of the mouse rather than actually take the time to critique in writing. Kind of annoys me too. It's faceless & lazy. If you've got something negative to highlight, just damn well say it IMO. Happens on my videos, happens on everyone's videos. Hell, I even got an anonymous low star rating on my video thread the other day. It happens.
Thank you sir! Believe it or not, but I had the board EQ levels flat for the two overheads. I do always mess with the board EQ for the bass drum mic, but try to leave the others flat. I experiment with mic placement the most, trying to find the spots that allow the cymbals and toms to be heard well, but not overpower each other. These toms are loud, so it takes some experimenting.

Thanks again! :)
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