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Default Re: TAMA HP30 Single pedal

Originally Posted by Dignan View Post
Thanks Bo. If you're right, and I end up liking the entry level TAMA pedal better, maybe I'll trade my DW3000 in for another one. The DW3000 sure was more expensive though

I don't play very hard on my bass drum. I've been working on unburying the beater and playing quicker, lighter strokes so hopefully a lightweight pedal like this won't be a problem for me.

Does anyone know if GC takes returns on internet puchases? In case it isn't what I'm looking for?
Well DW is the "hot" brand for now but they use the same pot metal everybody else does. Before they were so sought after they sold stuff cheaper and when they fall out of favor, they will again. It's a cycle.

And yes, GC takes returns.
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