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Default Re: TAMA HP30 Single pedal

its more than plenty for a practice pedal. like Bo said, its a iron cobra jr. without the bottom plate

ive had my ICJR for over 10 years and hasnt broken once, just needs a tune-up though.

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
I'll bet it'll work out just fine for you, and you can't beat the price, that's for sure.
Enlarge the pic, and everything looks pretty standard.
I'm just a little nervous about low cost Tama stuff since I bought that low end throne and it broke after a few months of use.

Don't know about GC's online return policy - best to check with them.
i bought a tama throne (together with the ICJR) and its still around. the seat is hard as hell though. road-pro i think it is
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