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Default Re: TAMA HP30 Single pedal

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Actually it's not a POS. It's quite solid and playable. Think of it as an Iron Cobra Jr. Without the plate. If you know how to play, I doubt anything will break. I think it's actually better than what you have.
Thanks Bo. If you're right, and I end up liking the entry level TAMA pedal better, maybe I'll trade my DW3000 in for another one. The DW3000 sure was more expensive though

I don't play very hard on my bass drum. I've been working on unburying the beater and playing quicker, lighter strokes so hopefully a lightweight pedal like this won't be a problem for me.

Does anyone know if GC takes returns on internet puchases? In case it isn't what I'm looking for?
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