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Default Re: Big Black Brass

The BOB is a nice sounding snare. Nice pick up!

The coated import heads do seem like Ludwig USA heads, but, the one that came on my Supralite seems a bit thicker than a regular Ludwig Heavy. The snare side head had the crimped hoops too (Remo does offer that too), but the film is like a Hazy Amb, but it was a "Ludwig" head.

The coated import ("Ludwig") batter seems almost as thick as the X14 I put on to try out (again) on another snare (the usual coated top dot is probably going to win though).
The Vintage Ambassador is a 2 ply head (7 & 3), which would make it not seem as crisp. With the Diplomat 7 mil top film with it's shorter sound to begin with, and a 3 mil underside, it doesn't take much slop between plies to deaden it's sound up.
Kinda thuddy, or boingy on some drums, I could see that.
When I tried a Vin A I didn't like it either. Other friends said they sound good after they break in, but who wants to wait for that?
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