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Originally Posted by drummerjims View Post
I think I am going to try a plain coated ambassador on it over the hazy 300. But its Really weird that you say it lacks the crispy because this head is so crispy. And I definitely not calling you a liar. I have had these heads on other drums before and they have ranged from awful to great(this one) you would think they would be a little more uniform but I guess not. But this vintage ambassador I have just sounds boingy. It sounds great on my other snare and my floor tom but just not the BOB. I guess I am going to experiment. I have never owned a metal snare. I have played them and always liked the brass ones but I haven't got to really play around with them.
Eh, I don't think you are calling me a liar. No worries!

Well, I really do think the stock setup sounds good. I've been using BOB for the last two days and that is about three hours worth. I took down my Tama Lars and put the BOB up yesterday. I had already replaced the heads on the Lars to the coated amb over hazy 300 and that drum just sings....I went to BOB and it compares very favorably in stock config....the other thing is I don't think I want to try to make all my snares sound the same.

What I hear and feel on the stock bob...and the stock pearl a thud sort of tone and more dense sort of feel. I postulate that it is because the stock heads may be a bit thicker, but it still,sounds good. I don't mean to intimate that it does not sound good in stock mode.

The other thing on bob is the snare tension....I try to ensure that I am not choking the drum or raising the pitch by having the snares too tight. I also feel that if the snare is a little north of crispy from my vantage point, then as it flies off the kit out front it is going to be just about right.

I would try the coated amb over 300 like were are discussing....get the snare side torqued up pretty good and be a bit festidious on batter side about getting a good equal tension at a mid to just north of mid overtone pitch...

I'd be happy to send some sound files back and forth to see how we compare....but we would really have to set the micing placement parameters. In this case I would suggest a single mic placed just outside the front of the kit about 6' up....not a record recording setup but more a setup to get a feel for the sound of the drum tone in a "natural" setting.

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