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Originally Posted by shemp View Post
Since I saw your first post in this thread, I decided to revisit BOB, and I was going to write a thread, but then I figured that would be anyway here I am to talk about it in your thread.

I still have the stock head on there and it does sound quite good....when I change I'm going to go to my usual of a coated amb over hazy 300....I feel the drum lacks a hint of crispy with the stock head config and I know the coated amb is going to bring that back

I agree the stocker head does feel like a stock ludwig....same one that came on my Acrolite

I think I am going to try a plain coated ambassador on it over the hazy 300. But its Really weird that you say it lacks the crispy because this head is so crispy. And I definitely not calling you a liar. I have had these heads on other drums before and they have ranged from awful to great(this one) you would think they would be a little more uniform but I guess not. But this vintage ambassador I have just sounds boingy. It sounds great on my other snare and my floor tom but just not the BOB. I guess I am going to experiment. I have never owned a metal snare. I have played them and always liked the brass ones but I haven't got to really play around with them.
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