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Originally Posted by drummerjims View Post
Ok guys/ladies I haven't got to try my snare behind the kit yet but I have got to play with it on its own. I'm kind of in this weird situation. The stock head which is one of those Taiwan made Remo coated heads sounds great. But I put a Remo Vintage A on and it sounds awful no matter how I tuned the batter or reso. I pride myself in my tuning and this one has me questioning myself.
Obviously it is not a good head choice but my question to all of you who have this snare or play a similar snare (6.5x14 beaded brass) is:

1. what is your head choice? For me it has to be coated to use with brushes and I don't want to use one of the Genera dry heads because my brushes get caught in the holes. I just want to know what works well without using moon gels or anything else. I know it can sound good because the stock head sounds great.

2. does anyone know a head like the Taiwan made Remos maybe a coated Ludwig?

Its not a problem now because I have the stock head but I can see once that head is done for I may be screwed
Since I saw your first post in this thread, I decided to revisit BOB, and I was going to write a thread, but then I figured that would be anyway here I am to talk about it in your thread.

I still have the stock head on there and it does sound quite good....when I change I'm going to go to my usual of a coated amb over hazy 300....I feel the drum lacks a hint of crispy with the stock head config and I know the coated amb is going to bring that back

I agree the stocker head does feel like a stock ludwig....same one that came on my Acrolite
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