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Default Re: Does Pearl Hardware still rock?

Originally Posted by Raelthomas View Post
Really? I've had the same hardware for 10 years, Pearl and Tama mix. I've never, ever had a cymbal move... and they've seen some tough times! Granted, I didn't buy mid-level stuff but I've found Pearl's hardware is very sturdy.
Over the last few years, when I've been in the market for new hardware, I've stopped at my local shop, which stocks Pearl and Sonor hardware (at a high markup, but hey, middle of nowhere). The Sonor stuff is great but far too pricey. The Pearl is doable, but I can freely turn pipes in my hands with no effort no matter how tightly the pipe is clamped, unless there's memory locks (and none of these seem to come with them). Maybe these stands have just stood in this store for too long, I don't know. But I like my snare and cymbals to stay where I put them.

I have a few CH-70 boom arms from the late 80's and they have survived well; I just couldn't see myself buying something that simply won't stay where I set it. I'll shoot video next time I'm at this store just so not all of you think I'm crazy.
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