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Default Misheard Song Lyrics?

I was just listening to a classic rock station, and the Steve Winwood hit "Higher Love" came on. I really like the tune, but it made me recall when I was a younger guy and I heard the song for the first few times. I was under the impression that the song was called "HIred Love", and I was certain it was about trying to convince someone to buy him a prostitute.

Then, there's the Speedwagon tune 'Riding the Storm Out', which I thought was 'Light In the Whore House'. No misheard lyrics really other than the title part...

And last but not least, there was a hip hop tune that came out in the early 00s, I believe. It was super popular. It was by Fifty Cent, or someone of that sort. The chorus of the song, if you could call it that, was "everybody in the club getting tipsy", which I heard as " everybody in the club gettin' tits." I'd hear the song, and it would get stuck in my head, so I'd be walking around singing it. This went on for three years, before I was corrected.

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