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Default Re: My new Mapex BP Black Widow kit

I really like the Black Widow kit, it sounds very full, resonant while still punchy with the right heads and tuning. Right out of the box I thought it was tuned too high for my taste, and I couldn't find that sweet spot completely with the Suede Ambassadors that came with the kit. With the new Evans G14 though, it got more punchy while still sounding warm and resonant, kind of my ideal sound. The slightly shallower toms sounds really good, I'm looking forward to record it and see if there is a notable difference compared to standard depth toms, I struggle to hear it when playing live... The bassdrum has some real depth to it, don't really need any kind of muffling to sound great. Overall I would definately recommend the kit, it's look might be a bit more anonymous compared to the other Black Panther kits, but it is a completely pro grade kit in all regards of the word. I like the dark horse analogy, seems fitting for these drums :)

I wish to get a Saturn IV kit sometime in the future as well, selling my Pearl Vision. I'd like to have a slightly deeper sounding kit as well, both because of the maple/walnut shells and deeper toms. I might get one with 20x18" bassdrum though.
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