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Default Re: The name of the kit is influencing me!

I converted a 16" tom to a bass with spurs and a riser.
I tried to play it and it just didn't feel right. I sold it without really giving it a fair chance.
I'm real comfortable with the 18's and 20's I've got, but for some reason, the 16 just felt silly to me.
I think it might have seemed a bit better if it would have had proper bass drum hoops on it,
instead of the tom hoops.
I do have another 16 floor tom, and most of the parts to try it again.
Maybe I will someday - ha ha.

I pretty much agree about the tom sizes too.
IMO, once you get below a 10" tom, you're into roto-tom territory.

The hats and stand in the pic AirborneSFC posted look a little out of proportion.
I think they need to be downsized - LOL.
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