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Default Re: The name of the kit is influencing me!

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
Ha ha - the things we do for our drums.

You're sure about that Bo? I think the stock hoops look pretty good on there. Might be best to hang onto them, so you can put them back on if you decide to sell the kit.
I still have them. I just find it funny that you would be provided with a bass drum lift that fits and holds better on a straight hoop made out of wood, yet they give you metal ones that have this recessed channel in the middle. Maybe if they did the bass drum pedal lift like Sonor did with the Safari, then it wouldn't matter what the hoops were - you could go with regular triple-flanged hoops in that case and really lighten the drum up. But I'll take wood ones for this purpose.

And I agree, the Sonor Martini is just silly. I mean, a 14" bass drum? Come on.
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