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Default Re: If you drink when you play in bars do you drink when you practice?

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
I don't like the word "drink" as it's used in America. That word has become a badge of dishonor. "He drinks."

There is nothing wrong about drinking alcoholic beverages. If anyone gets drunk and incapacitated by drinking two beers, then they really shouldn't be drinking at all, period.

I always have a couple of beers at a gig that happens to be at a venue with a bar, for no other reason than there's a bar there. If the bartender looks like he knows what he's doing, I may have a cocktail. And I also sometimes have a cold beer sitting next to me, on a tom case, while I practice.

While I lived in England I once went to what's called a pub lunch, me and four other guys. The food was excellent, I had a spicy vindaloo, and these guys all had about three pints of whatever they were drinking, strong stuff. I nursed a pint of lager.

In Europe people drink all day, and nobody blinks an eye.
Very the USA, I agree, we are culturally uptight about drinking and the defining of it. Having been to England many times for business, I find that is not even a question of's part of the fabric of life.

I'm not much of a drinker for the most part, but at guitar gigs I will certainly enjoy my share of Corona or perhaps Rolling Rock.
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