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Default Pleasant surprise

So I was in GC today (I know I know) looking for a snare stand that goes low. So I got help from the salesman and they had what I wanted. I didn't check out yet, as I was in no hurry and was just hanging about. There was a woman there with her 12 YO son, and the salesman was with her answering questions. She asked him how long he was playing and he said 20 years. She asked him if he was in a band, and he said he played with Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige and Chris Brown I think it was. So I'm thinking who is this guy Jonathan Moffett? So I ask him I said, "whats your name?"

He says Gerald Heyward. He immediately knew from the look on my face that I knew who he was. After I recovered a little, we got talking, he mentioned he was at the London Drum Show with Chris Coleman. I told him I was there too with the Guru guys. He said are those the drums with the wood hoops? Lol

I should have recognized him but I don't really know his face, I felt like a tool.

So there he was holding court with me and this woman and her son, and another guy who didn't know who he was. He said he was from NY but now lives a few miles from me. He works at my local GC in between tours and clinics. Very humble guy and great attitude.

So I was a little dumbfounded. He had some pretty cool stories and gave me his personal email address.

How cool is that? This guy had a thousand people waiting in line to see him at the LDS.
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