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Default Re: The name of the kit is influencing me!

That Breakbeats looks like a fun little set. I saw one stacked up recently, but it wasn't set up to play. I'd like to give it a spin sometime.

Going to give the thread a little a little detour here - ha ha. Sorry Bo.

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
I love my 13 1/4" K Zildjian Hybrid Hi-Hats :)
They work really well on my 6 piece Lud Classic with the 12" and 13" toms on the left of my BD. That extra inch in space savings means a lot.
A while ago, I picked up a used cracked 14" K Custom Dark hi hat top. I cut it down and polished the bell on it. When I finished trimming out the cracked area, I ended up with 13 1/4".
Fast forward to recently. I finally ran across a used 13 1/4" K Hybrid bottom and snatched it up right away.
What a fantastic pairing - I'm wowed every time I play them. And using them in conjunction with a 13" snare, everything sits nice and snug.
As much as I like my 14" hats and snares, I think I'm a 13" convert.
Here's a fuzzy pic for y'all - ha ha: EDIT - replaced fuzzy pic

And now - back to Bo's Breakbeat thread. Sorry for the derail Bo.

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