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Default Re: any love for Topper ?

Originally Posted by edwin.brighty View Post
Listen to the album "give em enough rope", its the best album to hear topper on as the drums are very loud in the mix. The producer on the album didn't like Joe's voice but loved topper's drumming hence why the drums are so upfront. It really is a tremendous rock album with great rock drumming and shows just how accomplished topper was in a hard rock setting. Check out the drumming especially on "Safe european home", "tommy gun" and "guns on the roof". As topper was from a jazz backround he could play with subtlety , listen to the album "Sandinista" to hear topper play jazz, and various latin inspired grooves. Check out the songs "washington bullets", "If music could talk". Topper could also play reggae, I recommend you watch this video and listen to topper playing reggae. He nails it, the feel, tempo, right in the pocket:

He is very underrated imo, could play many styles very well.
Thats the kind of invested recommendations I was looking for....I'm very familiar with all of the usual suspects when it comes to the Clash...and frankly, I don't care for the band that much...HOWEVER, and this is a big however, my thirst for good drumming knows no boundary so I will listen to things I normally would not if there are some chestnuts to be harvested.

Sounds like there is some harvesting to be done here, so, I'm going to go ahead and investigate the stuff you mentioned. Thanks very much for the informative post
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