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Default Re: Drummers who've inspired your playing

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Benny Benjamin, Hal Blaine, Danny Seraphine, Ian Paice and Phil Ehart are probably my biggest formative influences in that order.
Larry, I am a little surprised to see you list Danny as an influence. (He is by far the biggest influence on me!). I am not trying to read too much into your past post so please forgive my assumptions seem to fall into the "less is better camp" in terms of playing. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but most people would not describe Danny's playing to be any where close to that and some might even criticize him for his style. Of course, for me, that style is what drew me to him. When I first saw him play live in 1972 or '73, I was blown away by what this "rock drummer" was doing! Anyway, good to hear other people was as influenced by him as I was!

Take care!
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