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Default Re: Zildjian Ride Comparison - Sweet Ride, K Crash/Ride, K Ride, K Custom Dark Complex Ride

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
Well when you own 4 rides versatility isn't really an issue anymore. I have just recently started playing 2 rides and leaving out the crash for a thinner ride. That complex ride would work wonderfully as a second ride with one of the brighter ones as the main ride.

Oh, what snare are you using there?

EDIT: Good idea Bill, maybe a brush and a mallet. I'll bet that dark ride opens up nicely with mallets. I was playing my thinner ride at my church gig with mallets earlier today and I just had to tap it and it opened right up for me.
That's a Pearl Masters MCX maple snare - 5.5"x14" version. I love it.

I'm still experimenting with cymbal placement and combinations. The K Crash/Ride is a great cymbal, but I have an 18" K Dark Thin crash that would work just as well in that spot for a crash. Maybe I'll sell the K Crash/Ride.

NOTE - Lots of clams in my video. I honestly just hit record and kept what I recorded as I was messing around.

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