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Default Re: The name of the kit is influencing me!

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Well, Bob, you're partially correct. However, the wife pushed me in to this one as I just got offered to play for a big dance studio run by a former show director and choreographer for my employer, and she just didn't see me hauling the big Ludwigs out of the house twice a week to play for tap and jazz classes three hours at a time. So we were at the local Sam Ash and she saw them and said "these will be perfect" while reminding me I shoulda' kept the Safaris I had. And she was right and willing to pay for them. What a great wife ;)

Funny thing, they actually sound good with the stock Chinese heads. But I do want to put wooden hoops on the bass drum. Bass drums just feel better with wooden hoops.
See you should have kept the Sonor Safari! Did she say, "I TOLD YOU SO!"? :)
I kind of like old drums:)
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