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Default Re: The name of the kit is influencing me!

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
"So I got a Ludwig Breakbeats kit for Christmas"
Im sure that the last thing that anyone in your family would do is give you another drum kit.
Somehow I think that your statement should read like this;
"So I bought myself a Ludwig Breakbeats kit for Christmas" :)
Well, Bob, you're partially correct. However, the wife pushed me in to this one as I just got offered to play for a big dance studio run by a former show director and choreographer for my employer, and she just didn't see me hauling the big Ludwigs out of the house twice a week to play for tap and jazz classes three hours at a time. So we were at the local Sam Ash and she saw them and said "these will be perfect" while reminding me I shoulda' kept the Safaris I had. And she was right and willing to pay for them. What a great wife ;)

Funny thing, they actually sound good with the stock Chinese heads. But I do want to put wooden hoops on the bass drum. Bass drums just feel better with wooden hoops.
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