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Default Re: Zildjian Ride Comparison - Sweet Ride, K Crash/Ride, K Ride, K Custom Dark Complex Ride

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
Another great video, thanks Sarge.

I think the Sweet ride was my favorite. I really like the tone of the Dark Complex ride but that really wouldn't be practical in a louder rock setting. It'd be great for Jazz though. Wasn't wowed by the K Crash/Ride's ride sound but that crash sound was delicious. The regular ol' K sounded a but quiet to my ears. Were you laying back on it?

I remember you talking about how killer these new Sweet rides were, I can see what you were talking about now. I might have to take a second look at those 23" Sweet rides...
Hey! I agree with ya. The k crash/ride makes a killer crash cymbal, but I dont like the ride sound as much as the others. That 20" k ride is on the heavy side, si it stays clear and strong, even when hitting it harder.

The dark complex is the newest cymbal. Its fun to play, but probably not the most versatile.
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