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Default New here - some pics

Hey guys. I started out drumming in 99' went through two cheap kits. In 2008 I had my drums in my parents basement and it flooded so I lost them. It was cheap crap so it wasnt too bad of a loss but still i had nothing to play on for the next 5 years. So I focused on guitar and didnt touch the drums at all. This year I started looking on craigslist and eventually found what I have now. Pearl Masters Studio with hardware and B8 cymbals for $600. I changed out the batter heads to Evans EC2 but havent touched the reos yet, need to do that. The hardware was a mixture of Gibralter and no-name stuff with the high hat stand and double kick pedal being Pacific(I dont use the double pedal, I use as a single). The kick pedal is next on my upgrade list along with the reso heads. The pedal is actually ok, surprisingly enough. I just got new cymbals a week ago and now after all these years I finally have my dream set that I never thought I would be able to afford.

Set up as follows-

Pearl Masters Studio:
22 kick, 10, 12 & 14 toms
Tama 13x5.5 snare(dont know model, just a serial number on it)

Cymbals- Zildjian K
15" light hats
22" light ride
19" & 17" dark thin crashes
10" splash

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