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Originally Posted by drummerjims View Post

took her to Old Navy when she looked at me and said "you really want that snare don't you?" I shook my head yes, she gave me the ok,

Moral of the story. Even if you plan to go to a music store without spending any money plan to spend some because if you have money to spend you will.
Forget that moral ...Here's the takeaway for me: I'm going to start taking my wife to Old Navy on a regular basis!

That's a beautiful drum! I never liked the idea/look of tube lugs on Ludwigs (preferring the Imperial lugs), but on the BOB they look perfect. I too, won't buy any variant of something I already have that isn't an improvement either for instance, I can't justify buying anything similar to my 1973 LM402 even with the "pitting". Now, a black brass drum with tubes - I'm wanting one. If only I knew it would be as easy as Old Navy shopping with the Mrs....

Looking forward to your review, I like your point of view.
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