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Default Big Black Brass

So I took my wife out shopping today and convinced her to go to Guitar Center with me. While I was there I saw they had a Ludwig Epic Brick 7x14 snare. I have been wanting a deeper snare but gave it no thought. I left Guitar Center and took her to Old Navy when she looked at me and said "you really want that snare don't you?" I shook my head yes, she gave me the ok, and we went back. I asked the guy if I could try it out I tuned it up played it and hated it. It wasn't my sound so I figured why not try out more snare and compare them While I am here. I tried out quite a few snares in different price ranges and I kept coming back to two of them the Pork Pie Big Black Brass 6.5x14 and the Pork Pie birch mahogany 6.5x14. I'm not sure what it was but these snares beat out some that cost 3 to 4 times the price. So I took these two snares over to a drum set that was tuned terrible and tried them out side by side on two different snare stands. Overall the Big Black Brass won my heart however side by side even being the same dimensions I could run both of these snares on my kit at the same time, they complement each other well.

I plan to give a better review after I get to play it with the kit. I live in an apartment complex so I will either have to wait for my band to practice or for all of the neighbors to be gone at the same time. But I will let you know.

I am incredibly excited about this snare. I never buy anything if I don't like it more than what I have. Heck I have been using the same snare now for 4 years because I can't find anything I like better (5x14 maple CLE Custom). But man to be made in Taiwan these snares are the real deal and at a great price. I was prepared to spend more on other snares but this one fit the bill without break the bank.

Moral of the story. Even if you plan to go to a music store without spending any money plan to spend some because if you have money to spend you will.
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