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Default Re: calf skin heads

It is now about 4 months after I installed the calf-skin head on my 5" deep Dynasonic Rogers snare drum. I travel a lot, and I leave my house cooler in the winter, when I am not around for a week or more. My drums are subjected to temperature and humidity changes just being set up. The snare drum is tuned and the only tuning I do now is an occasional loosened lug near the front of the drum where I do a lot of rim shots. This is typical of my mylar drum heads as well. Once in a while I tune the whole drum up or down just because I want a higher or a lower sound.

At first I was confused that the head was going out of tune as frequently as it was, and the conga drums that I have stay fairly constant for years. I think the head is now broken in and it does not change too much in the tuning. This has been my own personal experiment that has worked out well. I think I will get some more calf-skin heads for the rest of one of my kits.
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