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Default Re: If you drink when you play in bars do you drink when you practice?

It's not a requirement for me or anything. I suppose I usually have a beer or two before a show, I like nice beer, and almost always I'm playing at a uh, alcohol-vending establishment, so there's usually free beer for the band to be had. As we all know, free beer tastes even better than regular beer.

I cut myself off at about 3 for a show, and even that's only if I've got time to kill at the venue, or it's some really dirty punk rock venue where having fun and pushing energy is more important than precision.

As for practicing... I guess I usually drink less at band practices. Usually no beer, maybe one or two if I decide I want to. I'm more of a social drinker so I almost never have a beer while I'm just practicing patterns/technique on my own.

Interestingly, I do an open mic each week as a sort of default house drummer when no one else wants to play drums... I drink for that. I'll have whiskey and beer through the night. Usually I play just fine, but the thing about that is, since I won't accept money to play there, I feel no responsibility to be a great player or anything.

Frankly, I don't think anyone but me notices a difference in my playing regardless if I'm drinking or not. I will say that I'm not a fan of listening to drunk people play any instrument.
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