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Default Re: Show us your Four Piece Kits.

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
Now that I can see the picture more clearly -- that BD mount on the Breakbeats is massive! Looks way out of kilter on that small a drum. How's the sound?
I don't think the mount has any affect at all on that small of a drum. I get a nice thump out of it with the stock heads. I took the tom mount and tom off of it and gave it a tuning and the drum sounded the same with or without the tom mounted. I figure for a majority of things I'll use the kit for, I won't be using the tom mount anyway, and maybe just mount a cymbal there. But the entire kit behaves nicely - it was easy to get a nice sound out of it in minutes. The only thing I've done is replace the snare batter head with an ambassador coated. I might replace all the heads, but I think I want wood hoops on the bass drum since the bass drum riser has a bit of a hard time being in the channeled metal hoops.

But I did a test on getting the kit into my truck cab (Ford F-150 without the x-tra cab) and I can stack the bass drum and snare on the passenger seat, stick the other two toms behind me along with the hardware and cymbals. It fits!
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