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Default Re: Anyone use huge stick sizes?

I like larger sticks, but a 2B is the largest I've gone with for kit playing. 2S are nice, but I don't care for a longer length, even with "regular" sticks.

For the last 5 or 6 years, I used double butt sticks in a custom model (shorter, 14 7/8 to 15"). I have diams between .562-.590, which is around 5A to 5B. HUGE sound, balanced feel, but just fair for any real dynamics. They pretty much start at f, and playing as light as I can is still only pf with not much control because of how lightly I'd have to lay the stick on the drum. Didn't really matter though, as I'm using them in larger venues in a heavy rock band, and we're always mic'd.

I actually started using a smaller stick this past month.
I like how I can still get a solid sound (with the butt end), but the smaller diam (.550) and 16" length (longer than I've been used to), lets me do things a bit easier in two of my bands. A lot easier sustained left hand shuffle for sure!
They aren't quite as loud when I play heavily, but just about, and the smaller stick is able to get a lot quieter when I want that.

I'm using the Regal Quantam 1000 butt ended for two of the bands, and Quantam 1000 nylons, but with the ball tip taken off for another.
That "tip" under the nylon ball is more of a nub, and fairly large, so I get a solid sound from it, but dynamically, I get from pp to ff with them, instead of starting at f with my other sticks.

I warm up on my pad with Regal 3S sticks. I really like the action those sticks have.
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