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Default Re: Music Resume and Teaching?

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
I am also a drafter, and I also don't like the job. The problem is that there are so many drafters now that I don't think it is a good career anymore (besides the fact that the work sucks) because the wages have become stagnant due to a huge over-supply of semi-skilled drafters who will work for peanuts just to get a job.
I think my previous post was misunderstood. I like being a drafter, but until I can secure another drafting position, I want to try to do something else I would enjoy and not something I don't, like flipping burgers. I need to use my brain. If I don't I start to hate everything on a daily basis.

NARD is a good idea, I am glad you mentioned that. Definitely something to consider.
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