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Default Re: Music Resume and Teaching?

I am also a drafter, and I also don't like the job. The problem is that there are so many drafters now that I don't think it is a good career anymore (besides the fact that the work sucks) because the wages have become stagnant due to a huge over-supply of semi-skilled drafters who will work for peanuts just to get a job.

I'm stuck doing this for now, but I'll eventually just start growing stuff (if you know what I mean, legally of course) because I know how to do it pretty good. Besides that, I decided that I just don't want to spend my life surrounded by those office worker types of people everyday of my life. The names and faces change, but the bullshit remains. I am also studying how to be a drum teacher too, but that will take a little time. I need to take a few lesson myself and I need to have a better grasp on my rudiments. I think a NARD membership would look good on my resume since I have no degree. At least I will have some kind of official certificate showing some credentials.

Long story short, maybe a NARD membership will be a great addition to your resume. It couldn't hurt.
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