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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name?
Joćo Guilherme


How long have you been playing?
Round 15 years

Origin of user name?
That would be the inicials of my name+middle name

Your top 5 drummers?
Lately that would be (1) Mike Portnoy, (2) John Macaluso (Mainly along with Ark), (3) Joćo Barone, (4) Chris Adler, (5) Ricardo Confessori

Make of drumkit?

Make of cymbal?

Where do you practice?
In my bedroom on a 8 piece practice pad

Are you in a band?
2 bands

Do you play covers or originals?
Covers all the way
I used to play on an original one that lasted for 8 years.. A Punk Rock/HC band so, thats part of my "school" overall..

What style of music?
(1) Brazilian popular rythms such as axé, samba rock, sertanejo, baićo and so on (that would be the main "gig" band
(2) Mainly Cake, for fun

Favourite take out food?
Not a food per se, ICECREAM =)

What country do you live in?

One really odd fact about yourself?
I love my country but always look for information on internacional database such as cientific articles or drumming

How did you start drumming?
Used to pay attention on the drummer at a church I used to go to as a child. One day got the oportunity to sit behind the kit and was able to play many of the songs, still, started playing a few years later when I moved to another town where I used to tell people I was a drummer... One day somebody bought the idea and yeah, I was! =)
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