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Drummers' Tip #16:

Whether you have the most expensive high-end kit or an entry-level drum set, what’s important is how you tune and where you strike. Whatever you have, treat it with respect. Change the heads when you can, clean it, store it properly, and it will last.

True Story: I had been playing at the Blue Note in NYC since 1989, and sometime around 2001, I noticed that their Yamaha kit (given to them by Yamaha) was in very bad condition from being stored and treated improperly. Hardware was being put on top of drums, which were put on top of was a mess. I told the artist relations person at Yamaha what was going on, and I didn't hear about it after that. Some time went by, and I walked into the Blue Note for a gig...and there was a brand new Yamaha kit! The Blue Note had built a new secure storage system for the drums, and the sound engineer warned me to be careful with the drums. I was floored! I asked the sound engineer if Yamaha had given them the new kit, to which he replied "No, they took the old one back..We had to buy the new one.."
Fast forward to 2013: I played the Blue Note in August, and didn't recognize the kit..It was the same "brand new kit" they had bought!

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