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Thanks for your concern guys, fortunately no magic powers will be needed as I am on a hill here and the river would have to rise 90 metres or so to reach me (presumably spelling the end of human civilisation as we know it in the process). However, we did have the opposite problem of no running water for 12 hours on Christmas eve due to the pumping station that supplies our nearby reservoir being out of power. We also had no power from 4pm on the 23rd until 6.25pm on the 24th, and then again from 3am until 3pm on the 25th, so it's made for an interesting time. The flooding in the town is the worst I've seen it in my lifetime, and I think only a few inches below the record flood level from 1968, so I think a lot of people will be badly affected. Guildford has seen similar, looks pretty serious.
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