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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

The thing I got from Keith was he proved the drummer provided the power and the dynamics of the band.

Keith could go from a whisper to a full on fright train. He could lightly back up a quiet section, or drive a powerful section like a sports car meets a Mac truck. Keith's control of dynamics and power is the main reason "Live at Leeds" is such a great album. (particularly the original version, before the 1001 re-issues).

Pete was often a story teller through his songwriting and Keith could handle what ever Pete threw at him, and would find a way to tell that story on drums. "The Real Me" probably being the best example of this.

As Tony mentioned, at times Keith would take a classical orchestra approach with his parts.

And other times, he could be actually be controlled. The whole concept of a drummer playing along to a sequencer with a click on stage started with The Who.

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