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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

Good thread....age 50 here and have always enjoyed The Who. Untold hours....and then more hours....listening to all their stuff on vinyl and then later CD. Have seen them several times with and without Moon.

In my estimation, the brilliance of Keith....and what translates to his playing and the obvious and enormous impact it had on the that he played what he wanted when he wanted how he wanted....and for whatever reason was not interested in being something else or aspiring to play like someone else. That's brave....that's pure....and unapologetically original.

Technical ability is required to a certain degree so one can at least communicate how they want using an instrument. Past that point, and if there is too much focus on refinement, the abandon and expression can give way to accuracy and competency which can be an inhibitor to sounding original.

Moon didn't give a rats ass about it, so his voice and style was uniquely his. A beautiful enigma. So the irony is....the so called lack of technicality is what established his individual approach and voice and thus his lasting influence.
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