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Default Re: Ebony vs. Clear Heads

I used ebony heads as reso's for many years on my black yamaha kit. At the time I was young and mainly looking at the "cool factor" of what the audience would see. Once I grew up and started experimenting with heads I did an A/B comparison of of clear vs coated on the reso and the sound difference was very noticeable, the clear actually let the drum sound open up and they sounded so much better. I'm not a fan of the ebony heads anymore.

On the stage custom kit we have at church where all toms are mic'd, has over heads I use clear emperors over clear ambassadors and it sounds really good. No damping, moon gels or anything on the toms. Just a matter of finding the right tuning. The BD head is a clear PS3 with a 2" felt strip run across the head and an ebony ported PS3 for the BD reso (only head that the ebony coating doesn't bother me.)
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