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Default Re: Do KickPorts work?

I bought a new Tama Starclassic B/B EFX 3 piece kit (20" kick, 12" rack, 14" floor) earlier this year from my local shop.

When playing the kit in store, the kick had an amazing sound, like it was much larger than 20". It had a Kickport on it for display purposes, but having never heard of or seen one of these before, I didn't take particular notice to it.

The guy ringing me up noticed the Kickport still on the drum, and asked the manager how to take it off. The manager said "ahhh, just let him keep it. I'm feeling generous today".

As someone who stumbled onto a Kickport having never heard of them before, I have to say I am extremely grateful for the shop giving me one as a bonus to my kit. I play in an indie/post rock band with a big/loud sound including multiple guitars/keys/synths, and I've received a lot of compliments for how well my 20" kick is able to cut through it all at decent sized venues.

I eventually would like to upsize to something like Gretsch's Renown kit with a 24" kick....but for now, what I have combined with the Kickport is getting the job done.

On a side note, don't ever ask me for a Starclassic B/B 20" kick review, as I have no idea of it's natural sound :)
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