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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
Wow, that was way cool. As crazy as it may sound, that reminded me of Elvin for some reason. There is a similarity in approach that evokes the same raw feelings in me.

Keith has admitted to learning things from listening to Elvin
and Elvin had expressed his appreciation for Keiths playing as well

"The man is a drummer. Everything he plays, he contains it." —Elvin Jones on Keith Moon

"I've picked up bits of Elvin Jones, Krupa, Philly Joe Jones - they were the sort of people I listened to for drumming."
- Keith Moon

i've spoken personally to Elvin about Keith because when I was studying with him I was in one of my Moonie obsession phases.....he had nothing but wonderful things to say about Keith and his playing.
Elvin absolutely loved Keiths creativity and expression
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