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Default Re: UK Weather 2013

It seems like , weather,the world over,is becoming more dangerous,and unpredictable.Ice storms and flooding in the midwest and in Canada.Freak differences in temperature.

Just a few days ago,it was 71 degrees F in NY City.On Christmas day here,it's a balmy 24 F.

Sorry to hear about your roof damage Dunc,but what's Christmas without some pots and pans on the floor?:):)

Hang in there guys.If it's any consolation,Hurricane Sandy,made land fall here on October 29,2012,and there are STILL,thousands of displaced families,trying to get back into their homes.

I say,put back the moon rocks..........oh ,that's right,that's right,.......we were never there, was a Stanley Kubric movie.:):)

Steve B

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