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Default Re: David Byrne: 'The internet will suck all creative content out of the world'

Music that is commercially released by professional artists is like any other product in the market and taking/consuming it without paying for it and without the artist's consent is theft.

If I could download my food from the internet, would it be ok to say "Mr. farmer, thank you for all the expense and labor to grow this food, but I will just take this bushel of apples off your hands for free"?

I wish I could download a house and never have to pay mortgage or rent!

Wouldn't it to be nice to download a set of cymbals for free?!

If you think these are absurd thoughts, then why isn't it equally absurd to take and use works of art without paying?

I am shocked by the public's feeling of entitlement over art because technology allows us to steal it. If artists want to give away their music for promotional purposes, it is fine, but for public to lay claim on their entire body of work without consent is wrong. I guess I did not get the memo that copyright and trademark are obsolete concepts now.

I am not coming from a capitalist perspective. But short of utopia, we do live in a society where we have to pay for things. Furniture or music, the people who create it should be paid so they can continue to live and create.
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