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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

To be honest with you, while I think Neil Peart is technically awesome and shows great endurance with time signatures etc etc etc. I find his drumming mechanical, boring and obvious. I saw him doing a drum solo where he had a spinning kit with some trigger drums and every lick he played sounded like every other drum solo I ever heard. To me (and this is just my personal opinion) his concentration on getting each time signature exactly right deviates from the creative process of his drumming. I'm no expert, it's just my opinion on listening to music over the years and I know that R&B rock isn't for some people and others are into metal licks more - I liked Black Sabbath when they were really bluesy in their earlier years.

Keith Moon on the other hand was a very melodic drummer who was reacting not just with the beat, but was reacting to every riff, note, guitar solo and bass solo, hammerons etc etc etc that the Pete Townsend and John Entwhistle was doing where he did a constant solo with each song. Keith Moon actually said, that although he could play paradiddles, he never used them in the songs because there wasn't any call for it. He also said that he hated doing solos because there was no music in the background and that in every song he played with the who he did a solo (yes his goldfish drum solo was terrible, but that was the reason for it, he creates drum licks out of reacting to music).

From looking at some of his drum licks it's a combination of herta roles that he liked doing, some ratamcue's as well (even if he recognized it in a different way), snare triplets going onto some toms and swing playing with syncopated beats on the bass, and it sounds unpredictable, never playing the same lick EXACTLY when repeating the song and making the drums sound very exciting because you couldn't predict the drums in the song exactly. I think the songs "Who Are You" and "Won't Get Fooled Again" are the songs from the who are the songs where Keith has mostly concentrated on getting the beats exactly the same when playing them again.

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